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The Israel Interfaith Association


  The Israel Interfaith Association is an independent organization that has been
working since its inception in the year 1959 throughout the country to promote understanding and
mutual respect between all the sects, religions, and ethnic groups within Israel. It
aims are the uprooting of antiquated notions and the elimination of suspicions in
order to pave the way for trust and mutual outreach. It also stands at the forefront
defending attacks on human rights based on individuals' religious or ethnic identities,
beliefs or lifestyles. The members of the association see ideals of promoting an
atmosphere of tolerance and brotherhood between the religions and cults as a super--
political and super-party interest, above and beyond divisions and opposition among
individuals and groups. They see activity in this area as a practical way to actualize
the principles of equality between civilians, freedom of religion and consciousness as
promised in the Declaration of Independence, and moral-humanistic ideas found in
the different religions, as well as a way in which the various religions can contribute
to the formation of a true peace -- peace between human beings.
        Members of the association work towards fulfilling their goals through
educational, social, and cultural activities. The association organizes lectures, study
sessions, social gatherings, conventions and conferences throughout Israel, and
publishes various advertisements in several languages. The association also initiates
seminars and workshops, as well as research programs in different fields with the
participation of experts. Similarly, visits between the different branches and study
outings are conducted. The association tries as much as possible to support
educational and cultural projects that are meant to help advance human relations
within Israel, particularly between Arabs and Jews.
         The association functions in coordination with similar groups and organizations,
and with government and public officials. The association has ties with similar
organizations around the world that work towards interfaith understanding within
their countries and worldwide, and with centers around the globe that are interested in
this field. Representatives of the association participate in interfaith dialogue at
international forums conducted worldwide, and contribute to the promotion and
advancement of the field. The association is a member of the "International Council
of Christians and Jews", and its members participate in activities run by the
"International Jewish Committe for Interfaith Ties," as well as the activities of the
committees that represent some of the great Christian institutions. The association
initiates and hosts international conferences, conventions, and seminars in Israel, and
sends representatives and delegations to participate in seminars and conferences
around the world. Members of the association meet and host people of the clergy,
spiritual leaders, and educators who visit Israel. They counsel and guide the visitors,
and organize learning and study programs for them. Within this framework, they
attempt to strengthen their ties with Asians and Africans who know almost nothing
about Israel, Judaism, and the spiritual world from which the three Abrahamistic
religions draw the foundations of their beliefs. Most of the Christian visitors are
initially familiar to a greater degree with Judaism and and the Jewish people in
historical and religious perspective, and learn to appreciate the roots of Christianity in
the Jewish tradition and the Holy Land. Jewish visitors learn to better understand the
other two Abrahamistic religions, and their long histories in this region. They all
work hard to understand the commonalities, and to pave the way for a life together
based on openness and trust, despite the differences, and yet without ignoring the
         Members of the association see their activities as serving an important function in
shaping the human, social, and cultural image of the State of Israel, and in building
peace -- on the human, real-life level -- between Israel and its neighbors.
        The association is open to members of all religions and cults in Israel. Its members
include Jews, Christians, Muslems and Druze, from both sides of the "Green Line."
According to its parameters, anyone is permitted to join, regardless of race, gender,
religion or nationality. Any member of the association may be voted for or into its
institutions. To date, the association has branches in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, and
Nazareth, and its members are active in the Galilee as well as in the South. The
association cooperates with Jewish-Arab community centers and encourages the
formation of similar centers, particularly in mixed areas.


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